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Call the offices of Richard D. Seward for legal defense. Personal Injury. Medical Malpractice. Traffic Infraction. DUI. Bankruptcy. Business Litigation.

Reliable Advice

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Business and Real Estate clients rely on the Law Offices of Richard D. Seward for important legal advice and services. We are committed to helping viable businesses that need a break to survive during these challenging times. Experience in four areas of expertise: Law, Public Accounting, Banking, and Commercial Real Estate Finance make our firm uniquely qualified to offer exceptional value our to clients.


Attorney Richard D. Seward has staked his reputation on helping clients build their wealth and protect it. He counsels owners of businesses that are in their start-up phase and those that are planning succession.

debt relief law

The Law Offices of Richard D. Seward launch Debt Relief Lawyers Northwest. The organization’s mission is to help clients find debt relief today for a peaceful tomorrow.

Too much debt can turn your life upside down, no matter whether it involves your home, your business, your credit cards, your medical expenses or any other obligations you have. You need a well-conceived, comprehensive debt relief plan to help you navigate your way back to financial freedom and restore your peace of mind. You need advisors who understand and can help unravel the complexities of the new economy to make the law work for you. (more…)


Attorneys on a mission – Richard Seward and James Dickmeyer tell Seattle’s top talk radio host Dr. Pat Baccili about what to do if you’ve lost your home and your job. Listen to them address the emotional toll of financial debt, the most common debt mistakes people make and the importance of finding experts to help. Listen to broadcast.

What is foreclosure? If you are a homeowner currently in default on a loan secured by your home, your lender might choose to foreclose against your home, which is a remedy available to them. It means that they start the process of providing notice to the public that your home will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. The proceeds from this sale would go to pay off the indebtedness secured by your home.

Who usually is the highest bidder? It is usually the Lender unless there is significant equity in the Property. They just bid their loan amount, plus default interest and other costs of the sale. (more…)